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Sunday, March 26, 2023



Many people are surprised to find out that I’ve raised 6 children! Not going to lie, there were some looong, tough days when we had five teenagers in the house at once.

Then we tragically lost our oldest son to suicide at 16, and the reality of how painful, and potentially dangerous adolescence can be exploded around us like a nuclear bomb.

I can honestly tell you that without talk therapy my family would probably have disintegrated, but we didn’t. We somehow survived and maintain loving, healthy connections with one another to this day. I consider this one of our greatest accomplishments.

In the years afterward I decided to become a therapist myself, hoping I could pay forward some of the healing, kindness, and compassion that were shown to me, and now I specialize in helping people of all ages— including adolescents— deal with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, and all the other messy stuff of life.

Someone once said to me that all the important things that shape who we are as people happen before we turn 16, and that may be true. Adolescence is such a time of intensity, growth, and often confusion, sadness and anger, that it can really help to have someone smart guide us through it. But it’s hard for kids to find someone to talk to: parents are too… parent-y, friends have their own problems, and school social workers are usually so overloaded with students they can’t really focus on a single one. A great therapist can make all the difference.

At Sound Mind Counseling, adolescents can expect to be taken seriously. We value teen insights and experiences, and collaborate with them to help problem solve, express emotions in healthy ways, and start building the self esteem and self knowledge that is the foundation for a happy adulthood.

Whether they are dealing with friend drama, bullying, toxic relationships at home, lack of confidence, or any of the other issues endemic to these years, talk therapy with counselors specifically qualified for this age group is a game changer.

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