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Sunday, March 26, 2023



Sleepless nights, obsessive thoughts, physical pain, a weird sense of impending doom, an inability to focus or find joy in anything, and sometimes even a feeling of unreality or disassociation— these are just some some of the debilitating symptoms of clinical anxiety. I’ve had it myself, and it’s awful.

The weird thing about anxiety is that in the proper amounts, it’s a healthy emotion we all have that helps us get stuff done. Without it, we’d probably never bother to get out of bed, do a load of laundry, or make it to work on time. But when it starts becoming intrusive in the form of out-of-control thoughts or behaviors, what once served us can literally ruin our lives.

Anxiety like this tends to creep up on people, and we learn ways to “manage” it as we go along; “management” that typically involves things like drinking, over exercising, over or under eating, over working, and a bunch of other strategies that start as solutions and end up becoming new problems.

Our lives swing wildly out of balance, we have no idea how to let go of our coping mechanisms even though we know they’re hurting us, and we feel ashamed that we’ve let it get to this point.

The good news is, you can feel better. At Sound Mind Counseling we simultaneously get to the root of your anxiety while giving you practical, healthy tools to better regulate it.

Using evidence based treatment, we work with you to develop new coping skills so you can leave the toxic ones in the past where they belong. Understanding what your real needs are and how to meet them is powerful medicine. We’ve seen clients make dramatic improvements in their lives and relationships time and again, and we are always inspired by their transformations.

Stop letting anxiety mess with your head. Let the experts at Sound Mind Counseling help you help yourself.

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