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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Art Therapy

Art Club

Art Club is a special, and dare I say fun, approach to group therapy with teens. Participants are encouraged to explore their thoughts and feelings with their creative side and learn valuable skills to manage stress. Materials are provided and all skill levels are encouraged to join. Therapist will provide guidance for materials if needed.

Led by Art Therapist, Michelle Waters, Art Club is offered several times a year, and meets once a week for two hours on Sundays for six weeks.

Price: $220 per 6 week session.

For some clients, traditional talk therapy just isn’t a great fit. Children and adolescents in particular might feel intimidated , bored or confused by standard talk therapy, and adults too, can be uneasy “just sitting there talking about themselves." This is why it is so important that we offer an excellent alternative.

Art Therapy offers a different way to explore feelings and connect with a deeper sense of self. It encourages playfulness and honesty, and builds resilience and self esteem. With the gentle guidance of our remarkable Art Therapist Michelle Waters, clients of all ages can learn how to manage anxiety, as well as to think more creatively, problem solve, and trust their inner voice. It is important to note that no artistic talent is required to benefit from the process!

In addition to individual sessions, we offer Art Club for groups of children and adolescents several times a year. This is a unique opportunity for clients to work on social skills and experiential learning that has a powerful impact on all the domains of their lives.

Please contact us for updated information about Art Club.

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