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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Life Transitions

Life Transitions

A colleague once told me that if you’re lucky, you’ll be married 5 times…and they’ll all be to the same person. It took me a minute, but I realized she was saying that we are always evolving, and the trick is to make that evolution work for you!

Erik Erikson talks about the eight stages of life, each of which presents it’s own unique set of tasks. He believes that if we fail to accomplish these tasks, that we will never find true happiness or peace of mind. What that means to me is that we can never stop learning or growing, and that no matter how good (or bad) things may be, they are certain to change.

This sounds daunting! Can’t we just figure out how to live our best lives and then lay down for a few minutes? Sadly, no. Part of the human condition is our need to be engaged in the process of our own lives, and sometimes that requires a little more than an afternoon nap.

That’s where great therapy comes in. Whether we are figuring out a marital bump in the road, grieving a death, planning for, or changing a career, undertaking a big move, dealing with illness, caring for someone else who is ill, or any of the multitude of challenges we routinely face, enlisting a professional who is focused solely on helping you find your own best answers is invaluable.

I often tell clients I am “their person”. What I mean by that is during the time they work with me, there is nothing more important to me than their health and well being. Finding an advocate like this, someone you can trust and toss around the hard questions with, is a great gift to give yourself. Using evidence based treatment, the counselors at Sound Mind Counseling will help you uncover the keys to your own future.

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