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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy is a therapeutic process that can help you put all of the pieces together. Have you ever wondered where a symptom, fear or pattern comes from? Perhaps the answers lie in past life memories.

We tend to carry things over from one life to the next, without consciously realizing our depth of experience. Your subconscious mind is wise, intuitive, and imprinted by every experience you have ever had. Through a guided, light hypnosis by a skilled therapist, your body becomes relaxed and your mind becomes focused. In this deeper meditative state, your memory is sharpened and you’re able to tap into the memory banks of your soul. The therapist will guide you through your memories carefully, incorporating healing interventions to integrate the information revealed. Major life lessons are brought to our awareness, which can help us to eliminate fears, alleviate grief, and shift our fundamental perspectives on life and death. You will expand your self awareness as you connect the dots between current issues and past life memories.

For Past Life Regression Therapy to be effective a clinical relationship must be established. For this reason we only invite existent clients, or those who are willing to build a therapeutic relationship to engage in the process.

Other requirements include a degree of current stability, and preparation prior to the regression. The therapist will provide psychoeducation on hypnosis, discuss expectations, and encourage practice meditations. After your past-life regression experience, insights or questions may continue to come into your awareness. Post-processing sessions are recommended as you continue your therapeutic journey.

If you meet our clinical requirements, maybe it’s time to unlock the mystery of your past to dramatically improve your present...and your future.

*Past life regression experiences vary widely from client to client and cannot be guaranteed.

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