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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Write Club

Write Club

writing therapy

Write Club: A Therapeutic Writer’s Workshop

Write Club is a one-of-a-kind process group which uses writing to, as one client said, “put therapy into warp speed.” Participants often do Write Club time after time because they find the work so profound. No special writing skill beyond a willingness to put words to paper (or computer, as the case may be) is required.

Led by Sound Mind Counseling founder, Erica Leibrandt, Write Club is offered several times a year, and meets once a week for two hours on Sundays for six weeks consecutively.

Price: $240 per 6 week session.

Write Club TestimonialS

"My first impression of joining Write Club was that it was not my ‘thing.’ However, halfway into the first session, I realized that each of us had taken the time to share some pretty amazing moments in our lives and as a result there were a lot of new insights for each of us. And, you don’t have to be an amazing writer to do Write Club. It’s for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves. And, Erica’s facilitation is masterful!

Warning! Be prepared there are some people, (mostly Me!) who will shed multiple tears during this process. It is worth it!"

Adult Female Client
I had never understood the healing power of writing until I was fortunate enough to be invited into Write Club. I was never a writer, nor made enough time for myself, for anything creative such as this club. It was life changing and transformative for me personally. Had I not joined, I know I may not have had some of the self realizations that surfaced, nor would I have tapped into that creative space that had been so closed off for so long. My mind opened and I developed a “yes man” approach to life. Write Club opened me up and I am forever grateful for the experiences that I gained and self discovery and growth.
Adult Male Client
I don’t even know how to describe Write Club- it was such an amazing experience. I can only say I went on a profound journey of self discovery and learned things that are still helping me grow today. I attended 2 complete rounds and can’t wait to do a third.
Adult Female Client
Write Club changed my life! I was struggling with postpartum depression and WC was a safe place for me to share my feelings and try to find some peace. Everyone was so kind and supportive, I felt like I could say anything. I’ve continued writing in my “regular” life and feel like that is a powerful tool that keeps me in my “happy place.”
Adult Female Client
The first day I went to Write Club I couldn’t stop crying. I know that may not sound like a great review but these were tears I’d stored up for years. The only way I can explain what happened to me is that I felt like I let go of a lot of darkness and finally felt free to move forward in my life. I’d recommend this group for anyone who wants to do the same.
Adult Female Client
The people in Write Club are so supportive! It was like I could just be my true self and I was totally accepted. I loved the actual writing, which I hadn’t done in years but I also loved listening to what everyone else came up with. Write Club showed me that at the end of the day, we’re all struggling and just trying to do our best. I love Write Club!
Adult Male Client
As a recovering alcoholic, I thought I knew what group therapy was all about, but Write Club was completely different from anything else I’ve ever done. Having Erica facilitate the group brought us places I couldn’t imagine, and gave me the chance to really dig into some old issues. Don’t join if you don’t want to do real work, though. Write Club isn’t easy, but it’s awesome.
Adult Female Client
Write Club is the best! I found it to be life changing and transformative. I would recommend it to anyone trying to live their best life. Erica was an amazing leader and I would definitely participate all over again. I am sad she only offers it a few times a year!
Adult Client
The “Write Club” … for you?
There are wrong clubs. And there are “Write Clubs.” I’ve been in a few of the wrong clubs in my life. They were nothing like this one. In the wrong clubs, I felt like I didn’t belong. Partly because I was so uncertain of myself and partly because these clubs felt so artificial! As a direct result, most of us that were clustered together had one thing in common … we absolutely DID NOT want to expose our weaknesses or fears by talking about them … in private … in public ... anywhere! Abso-fricking-lutely NOT! Then, our therapist invited some of us into her new “Write Club” group. She had us begin individual writing assignments. Each week for six weeks, something different. All different facets of development. Talking about it in person at a string of Sunday meetings, we shared as much as we felt we could. We were gently coached into talking openly in this small, considerate, warm, highly intelligent group of about six to eight people. Discussions were led by Erica, with gentle commentaries from her and from anyone who wished to contribute their insights. We were all quite shy and uncertain at first. Then everything changed …
I can’t believe the difference between “shadowing” my deepest fears in life, for my whole life … and instead sharing them openly and somewhat fearlessly with others, even though I was clearly afraid to do so! Who wasn’t? My writing skills are questionable. But, my struggles to communicate deeply within myself by writing it out were even harder to deal with. When I was finally able to bring myself to write what I felt, without fear of censure, I couldn’t believe what I revealed to our kind, gentle group! Or to myself! Things I hardly remembered from a scary childhood and the struggle-in-between to where I am today. It all came to the surface when we began writing about it.
It turns out that the conscious effort of both writing and sharing has a shattering effect on fear. Once my fears were out on the table and we talked about them, I was able to accept new perspectives from Erica as well as from our courageous group. What I discovered was that my situation didn’t change at all. I changed. Right in front of myself. Visible to all. Including me! What a staggering relief to begin to release these shadow-like fears … many of which I thought had been “tamed.” They weren’t. They were just buried too deep and I kept myself too distracted to pay them any attention. They weren’t gone at all. They were waiting for me, for whenever, if ever, I was ready to face them.
Words of appreciation aren’t enough for Erica Leibrandt, Doctor of Healing Spirit. I thank the universe every day for these magical gifts of advice and guidance from her. Before this deeply emotional work, I dreaded each and every day. Each day, I had to appear brave and confident, yet still carry my giant block of “stuffed feelings” everywhere on my shoulders. After a while, even though I stumbled a lot, I stopped noticing they were still there. I have dragged them around for more than half a century and somehow barely kept moving under the weight of it all. Things have clearly changed. These days, every day, I welcome the much lighter and brighter, newly uplifting world that I now live in. I look forward to tomorrow!
I can see so much better now without this shadow following me around like a black cloud, darkening everything! Now, I want to feel my true feelings every day! I want to see the blessings of reality so much better than I did yesterday. Erica’s kind and careful guidance, along with her amazing “Write Club,” helped me recover my desire to truly live my WHOLE life!
Each day, I am so grateful … I want to share real feelings; continue to learn and grow; and laugh and cry and love till I die.

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