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Sunday, March 26, 2023
How To Find a Great Counselor
How To Find a Great Therapist
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Sound Mind Counseling

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Specializing in real and long lasting relief from anxiety and depression.


Erica Leibrandt, LCPC, RYT, MA

Hi, I’m Erica, founder of Sound Mind Counseling. I hate anxiety and depression because it’s derailed some of the strongest people I know— including me. The good news is, now I understand what helps. It’s not an exaggeration to say that great talk therapy saved my life, and it can dramatically improve yours too.

What is great talk therapy? First, it’s finding a person you respect, trust and can connect to on the deepest level. Second, it’s a professional who is absolutely dedicated to your well being, and has the intelligence, training, and insight to bring out the healthiest you. Not only I, but all the therapists at Sound Mind Counseling meet the highest standards of mental health care. I choose each therapist with one caveat in mind; would I go to them for treatment myself?

I’d only work with the very best, and you deserve the best as well.

With Sound Mind Counseling you can:

Build self esteem
Gain clarity and focus
Resolve conflicts
Learn skills to manage your moods
Create a vision for the future

In addition to being a Northwestern University and Loyola University of Chicago alum, I am also a widely published author (see below), registered yoga instructor, certified reiki practitioner and mom to six. I became a counselor after my 16 year old son’s tragic death in 2004. I quickly discovered that therapy with talented therapists was the only thing that could keep my family and I together, and I knew that one day I’d want to pay that forward. Now I can, and I do so with the knowledge that whatever challenge you’re facing, Sound Mind Counseling can help.

"Erica is a proud contributor to many well respected international publications, among which are..." Yoga Journal, The Sun Magazine, Elephant Journal, The Tattooed Buddha

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    Thomas Maher
    Thomas Maher
    January 18, 2023
    Erica is fantastic, especially if you're new to therapy like me, super warm and welcoming. You'll never need to find another therapist, she is simply the best.
    Nance Murphy
    Nance Murphy
    September 6, 2022
    Some people do what they love and others do what they are called to do. Erica Liebrandt is doing both. She uses the breadth and depth of her many life experiences and her heart to sit with her patients and accompany them on their journey to healing and finding their way to wholeness. She does not shy away from offering her quiet observations when appropriate and makes the patient feel they have a partner in dealing with whatever their issue may be. It is the fortunate person who gets to do the work of transforming their lives and finding joy and meaning at Sound Mind Counseling.You place yourself in capable hands in working with Erica.
    Suzy Cowles
    Suzy Cowles
    July 30, 2022
    Erica has an uncanny knack for understanding what you might be dealing with in your life. Furthermore, she has an even more uncanny knack for helping you figure out how you might amend your thinking and your actions. She doesn't do the work for you and she expects you to be fully invested in your own work. She is forthright but at the same time empathetic, calm and compassionate. I have known Erica for a long time. She brings a lot of life experience and wisdom to her practice. She can help you in your search for positive change to benefit how you live your life well.
    Monica Donohue
    Monica Donohue
    July 27, 2022
    Everyone I spoke to was friendly, caring and helpful. The therapist we selected got back to us promptly and the intake process was fast and easy. We were able to make an appointment with the therapist of our choice within a week. My son’s first session went smoothly and he found it helpful and is looking forward to continuing. Thank you for making the “getting started” process seamless.
    Laura Katherine
    Laura Katherine
    March 23, 2022
    Erica is a light in our dark world and a miracle worker. While I wasn't a believer in therapy, I was encouraged to see her after experiencing several traumatic events and subsequent grief. I never thought I would heal so quickly and seeing her was truly life-changing on so many levels. I am changed for the better and in awe of what we were able to accomplish and tackle while working together. Saying "thank you" even a million times over will barely scratch the surface when trying to express what she has done for me. Eternally grateful that I was able to get in to see her and work with her. I don't open up easily and by our second visit I was comfortable telling her things I've never told anyone - she has a way of making you want to tell her all your secrets and then some. I cannot recommend her enough and will never forget her.
    Timothy Tigerman
    Timothy Tigerman
    December 1, 2020
    HUMPTY DUMPTY Two years ago, I knew that I was surely doomed. I used to sleep-walk through most of the days in my life. I would live each day fragmented … just waiting for it to end. I wasn’t dead; but wasn’t truly alive either. It was no life at all. I “stuffed” and ignored most of my true feelings. It was as if I couldn’t breathe. I felt my life was somehow caught in a meaningless mid-breath, neither in nor out. Hovering. Waiting for it all to end. Then I met Erica. She saw a small spark in me. I felt only deep disappointment, heartache, and failure. She thought more of me than I did of myself! She began to teach and guide me how to stop hiding from my life. What I thought I had buried had actually been shadows that I couldn’t see. Refused to see. To survive, I had to learn to stop resisting; stop hanging onto my sad “stories.” Only then could things begin to change for me. She then began my most important education … how to live with this imperfect life! My life! Erica took on the impossible. Me! … and my shadows! She went on my journey with me! Slowly, it all began to change. Shadows lifted. I began to see things differently. I began to believe in things again. I began to believe in myself again. And the internal work I’ve been so fortunate to have persevered through with her … (or should I say survived?) ... well, it has been a true living miracle for me. I’ve been an extremely lucky recipient of Erica’s many gifts. Her intuitive, artistic, organic advice combines brilliantly with the extreme patience, kindness, and sparkling intellect of a genuine healer. Her “Sound Mind Counsel” carefully brought me through my own wormhole of despair back to a much sounder mentality. Along with it came a recovering regard for the qualities I admired in excellent people and felt I had lost but were now re-emerging. I can’t thank you enough Erica. Your Sound Mind Counseling is well named, and your insight and guidance are beyond measure. You have certainly helped me gain a more confidently “sound mind” that I’ve been dearly missing for a very long time. Thank you for your great care. Thank you for my life. A Grateful Senior Male
    Mari Sandifer
    Mari Sandifer
    October 22, 2020
    I am humbled by the genuine care Erica has for her clients. It is clear that this is her calling. I feel so fortunate to have found her. Mari Sandifer
    Jennifer Liang
    Jennifer Liang
    October 20, 2020
    Sound Mind Counseling is a safe place mentally and physically. It’s very clean and comfortable as well as outstanding Thearpist’s who‘ve helped me work on myself and all my childhood traumas. Highly recommended for any thearpy needs.
    Denise Ambre
    Denise Ambre
    October 20, 2020
    Erica Leibrandt is a thoughtful and compassionate therapist who deeply connects with her patients. She meets everyone where they are and helps them overcome the hurdles they face and live their best life! I highly recommend her as a therapist!
    Kerianne Schrader
    Kerianne Schrader
    October 20, 2020
    Sound Mind Counseling changed my life! I have been in therapy for years but was never successful until I met Erica! She really helped fine-tune what I need to look at within myself and the best ways to help me. I have never felt so great about myself and where I’m going in my life and am so thankful that I found Erica. She is so wonderful and has amazing tools to help get you where you want to be. I am forever grateful for the work I got to do on myself with her guidance!

    Adult Female Client

    I went through a pivotal period in my life that turned my world upside down. I needed perspective and a comfort with a trusted therapist to help me pick up pieces of my life and to figure out where life was going for me. I struggled with connecting to a couple of other therapists and I really felt lost. One day as timing was perfect, I was introduced to Erica. I felt an immediate connection and that comfort and neutrality I so badly needed. A person I could be 1000% open with and have no worry of judgement. Erica so perfectly listens with no judgement and could really give me perspective in any and all direction and helps smooth the healing process for me. My healing didn’t have to be as painful as I thought it did. Her perspective gives me the tools to expand my understanding and helps me self realize much easier. I’m forever grateful for Erica and alI I have learned and continue to learn from her.

    Adult Female Client

    I have been working with Erica for about a year now and I am very happy with my experience. I had tried therapy a few times previously but wrote it off because I never clicked with the therapists I was seeing. It has been so encouraging to see my progress since seeing Erica regularly. She is warm, thoughtful and sincere.

    Adult Male Client

    I came to see Erica after my wife died from cancer and I was desperate for help. I felt like I had lost everything. I'm still a work in progress, but slowly, with time, things have gotten better. I've gone back to the gym, rekindled old friendships, made new ones, and am trying to connect with a sense of purpose. I couldn't have done any of this without the caring and insightful guidance Erica has provided. She has helped me get my life back and given me hope.

    Adult Female Client

    Erica has been a wonderful support in my life. Her advice has given me an opportunity to feel happy and joyful. Our time together has helped me to recognize that situations in my life can be overcome, and I can learn from all of my experiences. I honestly don't know where I would be without Erica!

    Parent of Adolescent Male Client

    Erica has played a central role in helping our son navigate his sexuality and teenage years. We could not be more pleased with how she interacts with him and communicates with us. She has been flexible with her schedule when needed and we recommend her services to anyone seeking guidance in life.

    Adult Female Client

    I have been trying out therapy for over 15 years and it wasn’t until I started seeing Erica that everything finally felt like it was worth the time. She is incredible. Every time I have seen her, I continue to make more progress with my anxiety and self confidence. She is so relatable and gives tools to succeed the connect to you personally! I am thankful and lucky to have found her.

    Parent of Adolescent Male Client

    Erica has helped our teenaged son with severe social anxiety in a way that no one else has. After seeing countless therapists and psychiatrists, we finally feel like we are seeing a difference. We are so grateful to her especially because we now feel prepared to send our son to college with confidence.

    Adult Female Client

    I have been in an out of therapy my whole life, but until I met Erica nothing really helped. With her, I have gotten my anxiety and depression under control. She is completely nonjudgmental but also so insightful, that she’s helped me make progress that surprises me every day. Each session feels valuable and worth every penny!

    Adult Male Client

    I found Erica after seeing a few other therapists that really didn’t do anything for me. I was having a lot of trouble in my marriage and with my adult kids. She helped me figure out what was going on and how to make it a lot better. I’ve been with her for over a year now and have seen significant improvement, not just in my home life, but overall. Erica has had a lot of real life experience that she brings into the therapy relationship and I always felt like she could understand where I was coming from. Very highly recommend.

    Adult Female Client

    Erica has been a real gift to me. My doctor sent me to her after he diagnosed me with depression and I really didn’t want to go. I was just getting out of a dysfunctional marriage and I didn’t want to bring up more painful things or talk about anything at all. But Erica helped me so much. I came to look forward to our meetings together as the highlight of my week. I came to trust her wisdom and her heart. I am so much stronger now. We finished out treatment together after two years, but I always go back to her for “touch ups” whenever I have some new challenging issue to tackle.

    Parent of 8 Year Old Client

    We are so grateful to Erica! She helped our son, who struggles with ADHD and ODD to really get back on track. He loved her (and Bruno the therapy dog) and bonded with her deeply. We were very sad to move away and haven’t managed to find a good replacement yet. We only wish there were ten Ericas and that one would live near US!

    Adult Client
    Erica Leibrandt has served as our therapist for the last three years. We could not imagine working with anyone else! She has worked with us in couples therapy and with each of us individually. She is so, professional and so in touch with our collective and individual issues that there is always something enriching that we take away from our sessions with her. She is intuitively smart, genuine, tough and caring at the same time. No other therapist we have encountered puts so much thought and heart into working with her clients.

    Parent of Adolescent Client

    Erica was a ray of sunshine when we felt like we didn’t know where to turn. Energetic, optimistic and willing to roll up her sleeves to face tough challenges, Erica has helped our family immeasurably with both big and little problems of life. Most importantly, my husband our kids and I all know we can all trust her listening ear and mindful guidance as we have navigated uncharted waters. Even though we were in a desperate moment when we originally met Erica, we are grateful we took the time to interview several therapists before making our choice. We do not live nearby, but Erica is so amazing that we are all willing to make the 30-40 minute trek to continue with her. She truly is a professional who has the knowledge and compassion to help you through the most difficult of times.

    Write Club

    My first impression of joining Write Club was that it was not my ‘thing.’ However, halfway into the first session, I realized that each of us had taken the time to share some pretty amazing moments in our lives and as a result there were a lot of new insights for each of us. And, you don’t have to be an amazing writer to do Write Club. It’s for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves. And, Erica’s facilitation is masterful!

    Warning! Be prepared there are some people, (mostly Me!) who will shed multiple tears during this process. It is worth it!

    Senior Client
    Words of praise can’t do justice to what Erica Leibrandt has done for me. I am a tough case. Not physically anymore. But emotionally. Always defensive. Guarded. Wounded. Deeply buried pains. Choked back forever … I thought. I also thought that by “forgetting” about painful periods in my life, “stuffing stuff I didn’t’ like” … that it would all just somehow fade away. It didn’t. It doesn’t. I was too afraid to go back and look at any of it directly to see what, exactly, I was afraid of. I was NOT invested in this … too damn anger-producing, emotionally enflaming and totally upsetting. Then I met this amazing Healer. And everything changed …

    It hasn’t stopped changing. I haven’t stopped changing. Amazing at my advanced age! What started as a “session” quickly became a riveting, ongoing dialogue. Each week we would explore whatever came up … she intentionally … me, not so much at first … just dragging my feet as much as I could. Then it dawned on me that maybe I should cooperate with this process she was working so diligently to have me engaged in. She took the time to carefully guide me past the deeply hidden icebergs of my lifelong fears. What an unexpected and ingenious exploration this became! What have I been waiting for? What are any of us waiting for?!

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