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Sound Mind Counsel is proud to offer the following counseling services.  You can click on the topic to learn more about how we can help.


Racing thoughts, sleeplessness and a sense of impending doom….anxiety destroys our peace of mind. Click here to learn how to feel better.


Your energy and sense of vitality is gone, maybe you’re even having suicidal thoughts. That’s depression and it’s the worst. Click here to get help.


You’ve lost someone you love and you can’t imagine life without them. The pain is overwhelming. Talk to someone who really gets it and knows how to help. Click here to start processing your grief.

Life Transitions

An empty nest, a big career move, the loss of a loved one; life transitions can challenge our whole sense of self. Learn how to rediscover happiness and a sense control. Click here.


For parents and kids alike, this is one of the most challenging phases of life. Make it less painful and more peaceful with great therapy. Click here to find out how.


Sometimes we experience something so confusing, frightening, or painful it stops us in our tracks. Nothing makes sense anymore. A skilled professional can help get things back into perspective. Click here to find the right one.


Relationships are the bedrock of our day to day happiness and when they aren’t working nothing else seems right. Find our how to feel more connected to the people you love. Click here

Dog Therapy

Sound Mind Counseling is proud to officially partner with Paws for Patrick, a local non-profit organization that helps connect young people ages 5-18 with therapy dogs and emotional support animals Click Here


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