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Sound Mind Counseling proudly accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and Aetna PPOs. We strongly believe in the power of mental health care and are committed to helping you establish how best to afford and sustain treatment until your personal goals are met. If you are out of network we can provide billing for reimbursement from your insurance company, and in some cases, we offer sliding scale fees.

Free Consultation


Initial 15-Minute Consultation 
Reaching out to start therapy can be the hardest step of all. That’s why Sound Mind Founder, Erica Leibrandt, insists that her voice is the first one every potential client hears. She prides herself on finding just the right match for you, so you can embark on this important journey with confidence and hope.

60-Minute Therapy Session


A lot can happen in 60 minutes! Self-discovery, healing, goal setting, dreaming, skills building, mindfulness, emotional release, connection, and much, much more. How your 60 minutes unfolds is largely up to you. Whatever you want to prioritize, however, you like to work, we are here to support and encourage you so that you can express yourself to the fullest.


Child and Adolescent Groups

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Sound Mind believes in the power of group therapy, especially when it comes to children and adolescents. In an age of screens and chronic disconnection, therapeutic groups present a unique and rare opportunity for kids to learn social/emotional skills in person, in a safe, creative environment. *Note: 6 week groups of 6-8 participants are offered periodically throughout the year. Group therapy is not covered by insurance Please inquire about availability and pricing.

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Do you accept insurance?
Your well-being is our priority, and we want to make quality mental health care accessible to as many individuals as possible. To that end, Sound Mind Counseling accepts Blue Cross and Blue Shield, United, and Aetna PPO plans. If you are OON (out of network) we will bill your provider so that you might receive reimbursement for our services.
How often will we meet?
We’ll typically meet once or twice a week to get started, but that can change over time. We will decide together what we think our optimal schedule will be.
Am I guaranteed privacy regarding issues I bring up in treatment, or regarding the fact that I’m in treatment at all?
You are 100% guaranteed by law to have your privacy protected. We take this issue very seriously at Sound Mind Counseling from the second you walk in the door (or click on a video conference!) We know that without peace of mind you can’t do your work, and that the only way to feel safe is trust us implicitly.
Do you offer virtual as well as in-person appointments?
Sound Mind Counseling offers both virtual and in-person appointments, or a combination of each to accommodate your needs. *Note Clients under 18 are encouraged to participate in-person.
What is your cancellation policy?
We require 24 hours’ notice for a cancelation or a $120 fee will be charged (this is not covered by insurance.)

Your opportunity for meaningful change

Reaching Out For Help Is Smart

If you’re here, something in your life isn’t quite right. Maybe it’s vague— you can’t relax and nothing much brings you pleasure anymore. Maybe it’s more specific— your job, your relationships, trauma, or chronic health issues.

At Sound Mind Counseling we are experts in unraveling what’s bothering you and finding real solutions. We’ll dig deep to root out old hurts, identify self-limiting beliefs, and pinpoint counterproductive behaviors to transform them into sources of personal strength.

Suzy C

Erica has an uncanny knack for understanding what you might be dealing with in your life. Furthermore, she has an even more uncanny knack for helping you figure out how you might amend your thinking and your actions. She doesn't do the work for you and she expects you to be fully invested in your own work. She is forthright but at the same time empathetic, calm and compassionate. I have known Erica for a long time. She brings a lot of life experience and wisdom to her practice. She can help you in your search for positive change to benefit how you live your life well.

Monica D

Everyone I spoke to was friendly, caring, and helpful. The therapist we selected got back to us promptly and the intake process was fast and easy. We were able to make an appointment with the therapist of our choice within a week. My son’s first session went smoothly and he found it helpful and is looking forward to continuing. Thank you for making the “getting started” process seamless.

Jennifer L

Sound Mind Counseling is a safe place mentally and physically. It’s very clean and comfortable as well as outstanding therapists who‘ve helped me work on myself and all my childhood traumas. Highly recommended for any therapy needs.

Kerianne S

Sound Mind Counseling changed my life! I have been in therapy for years but was never successful until I met Erica! She really helped fine-tune what I need to look at within myself and the best ways to help me. I have never felt so great about myself and where I’m going in my life and am so thankful that I found Erica. She is so wonderful and has amazing tools to help get you where you want to be. I am forever grateful for the work I got to do on myself with her guidance!

Hilary S

Erica’s counseling and guidance has seen my teenage son through many life changes and challenges. Erica has made her sessions a safe place for my son to share and express his feelings. She also guides parents on how to support their children and is willing to work with changing schedules to accommodate sessions. I recommend Erica’s services to all; children, teenagers and adults.

Michael L

I would highly recommend Erica Leibrandt and her practice. She helped me through what I thought was only a work stress related breakdown and uncovered deeper attachment issues from my early childhood. Initially, I was avoidant of our sessions. 2 years later, I look forward to them like visiting a best friend, one that supports you but also points out you nonsense. She's an intelligent, compassionate, well-read, prolific, professional, patient, and a passionate dog-loving person. Namaste!

Phoenix R

I love Erica. She is so nice and funny. I like that she doesn’t sugercoat things and tells you what you need to know. I love that she lets me bring my ESA with me because he helps me so mich. Erica has helped me a lot with writing and my mental health. Erica has definitely helped me in the few months we have been working with eachother.


Erica is the 4th counselor I’ve seen over several years and can honestly say the last! I finally feel like I’m moving forward and healing! Her ability to make you understand and adjust our feelings and outlook is incredible. I’d highly recommend her and Sound Mind Counseling!

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The team at Sound Mind Counseling can help you build self-esteem, gain clarity and focus, resolve conflicts, learn skills to manage your mood, and create a vision for the future. Call today to get started

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