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If I know one thing about being human, it’s that we need to be in healthy relationships to be truly happy. Even the biggest introverts among us crave like we crave air and water, connections to other people that make us feel loved, accepted, and safe. Unfortunately, the other thing about being human is that we seem perpetually engaged in conflict, and the relationships we depend on to find joy and connection can end up being a source of deep sadness and pain.

Our experience of relationships begins, not surprisingly, at ground zero with our primary caregivers. The impressions and ideas we carry away with us from our earliest years impact us in ways conscious and unconscious for the rest of our lives. This may seem like a grim sentence— parents can be fantastically unhealthy individuals— but with the right treatment, those old relational styles can be untangled and given a major upgrade.

If there is a subject that is ripe for talk therapy, this is it. Whether we are struggling with our marriage, our parents, our kids, our friends, people at work, or even our relationship to ourselves, sorting out what our fears are, challenging our unspoken beliefs, and deciding what we really need and how best to get those needs met, helps us create the lives we want.

If your relationships aren’t working for you, maybe it’s time to figure out why. Therapy can help you see where you’ve been spinning your wheels, and give you a boost out of what I call the “primal muck”. Without our realizing it, some part of us is usually stuck in the past, replaying old hurts and hoping to get a different result. But, as Maya Angelou famously said, you “do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Let Sound Mind Counseling help you do better. Call today to get started.

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Establishing a Connection

You and your therapist are about to embark on a deep and meaningful journey. The very first task at hand is developing the relationship between the two of you. Research shows that the stronger the relationship between client and clinician is, the better the outcome. We want to hear all about you and your story so far so that we can learn exactly what your strengths are, as well as the things that keep you stuck.

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Building Self Awareness

Self awareness is the key to personal growth. If we don't understand ourselves, how can we truly change? Together we will examine your hopes and dreams, your past and present, your painful places, your family, your ideology, your true purpose, and the ways in which you might be holding yourself back.

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Changing the Narrative

Everyone in the world tells themselves a story about who they are, and most think that story is set in stone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once we understand the stories we believe about ourselves and why we believe them, we are empowered to challenge, and more importantly, change them. With the right support, you can finally become the main character of your own unique and special life.

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 Change takes time

As you unravel the mystery of yourself you will find a great deal of both inspiration and comfort in the therapeutic process. The relationship you develop with your therapist will be unlike any other you've had in your life, and we will be there to support you 100% until you think your work is done.

Our Services

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Racing thoughts, sleeplessness, and a sense of impending doom... anxiety destroys our peace of mind. Learn more about anxiety by reaching out to Sound Mind Counseling.

Your energy and sense of vitality are gone, maybe you’re even having suicidal thoughts. That’s depression and it’s the worst. Get help today.

Sometimes we experience something so confusing, frightening, or painful it stops us in our tracks. Nothing makes sense anymore. A skilled professional can help get things back into perspective.

You’ve lost someone you love and you can’t imagine life without them. The pain is overwhelming. Talk to someone who really gets it and knows how to help.

Navigate life's transitions with resilience and regain control over your journey. Whether it's an empty nest, a significant career move, or the loss of a loved one, Sound Mind Counseling provides guidance to help.

For parents and kids alike, this is one of the most challenging phases of life. Make it less painful and more peaceful with great therapy. 

Relationships are the bedrock of our day to day happiness and when they aren’t working nothing else seems right. Find our how to feel more connected to the people you love.

Play Therapy creates a space and a language where kids can share and process their thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams, develop self awareness, coping skills, and build on the strengths they already have.

Sound Mind Counseling is proud to officially partner with Paws for Patrick, a local non-profit organization that helps connect young people ages 5-18 with therapy dogs and emotional support animals.

Suzy C

Erica has an uncanny knack for understanding what you might be dealing with in your life. Furthermore, she has an even more uncanny knack for helping you figure out how you might amend your thinking and your actions. She doesn't do the work for you and she expects you to be fully invested in your own work. She is forthright but at the same time empathetic, calm and compassionate. I have known Erica for a long time. She brings a lot of life experience and wisdom to her practice. She can help you in your search for positive change to benefit how you live your life well.

Monica D

Everyone I spoke to was friendly, caring, and helpful. The therapist we selected got back to us promptly and the intake process was fast and easy. We were able to make an appointment with the therapist of our choice within a week. My son’s first session went smoothly and he found it helpful and is looking forward to continuing. Thank you for making the “getting started” process seamless.

Jennifer L

Sound Mind Counseling is a safe place mentally and physically. It’s very clean and comfortable as well as outstanding therapists who‘ve helped me work on myself and all my childhood traumas. Highly recommended for any therapy needs.

Kerianne S

Sound Mind Counseling changed my life! I have been in therapy for years but was never successful until I met Erica! She really helped fine-tune what I need to look at within myself and the best ways to help me. I have never felt so great about myself and where I’m going in my life and am so thankful that I found Erica. She is so wonderful and has amazing tools to help get you where you want to be. I am forever grateful for the work I got to do on myself with her guidance!

Hilary S

Erica’s counseling and guidance has seen my teenage son through many life changes and challenges. Erica has made her sessions a safe place for my son to share and express his feelings. She also guides parents on how to support their children and is willing to work with changing schedules to accommodate sessions. I recommend Erica’s services to all; children, teenagers and adults.

Michael L

I would highly recommend Erica Leibrandt and her practice. She helped me through what I thought was only a work stress related breakdown and uncovered deeper attachment issues from my early childhood. Initially, I was avoidant of our sessions. 2 years later, I look forward to them like visiting a best friend, one that supports you but also points out you nonsense. She's an intelligent, compassionate, well-read, prolific, professional, patient, and a passionate dog-loving person. Namaste!

Phoenix R

I love Erica. She is so nice and funny. I like that she doesn’t sugercoat things and tells you what you need to know. I love that she lets me bring my ESA with me because he helps me so mich. Erica has helped me a lot with writing and my mental health. Erica has definitely helped me in the few months we have been working with eachother.


Erica is the 4th counselor I’ve seen over several years and can honestly say the last! I finally feel like I’m moving forward and healing! Her ability to make you understand and adjust our feelings and outlook is incredible. I’d highly recommend her and Sound Mind Counseling!

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The team at Sound Mind Counseling can help you build self-esteem, gain clarity and focus, resolve conflicts, learn skills to manage your mood, and create a vision for the future. Call today to get started

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