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Sunday, March 26, 2023


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Welcome to Sound Mind Counseling. If you’re here, something in your life isn’t quite right. Maybe it’s vague— you can’t relax and nothing much brings you pleasure anymore. Maybe it’s more specific— your job, your relationships, trauma, or chronic health issues.

Reaching out for help is smart. It creates an opportunity for meaningful change where otherwise there might just be more of the same: white knuckling your way through uninspired days.

At Sound Mind Counseling we are experts in unraveling what’s bothering you and finding real solutions. We’ll dig deep to root out old hurts, identify self limiting beliefs, and pinpoint counterproductive behaviors to transform them into sources of personal strength.

We are proud to offer both virtual and safe in-person appointments in our warm, welcoming therapy spaces right in the heart of Glenview.

Our seasoned clinicians are smart, compassionate, and insightful and will prioritize your mental and emotional well being above all else. You’ll discover a relationship unlike any other, where you can be utterly yourself and know that you’re working with a trusted professional whose number one goal is to make your life better.

If you’re in pain, it means you’re ready to grow. Let’s work together to find out what great stuff is inside you.

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